We Travel Alone

A blog about our journey from family travel to digital nomad couple

Meet Mark and Bec, we are a couple who have spent the last two decades travelling with their children around the world. They have explored different cultures, tried new foods, and created countless memories as a family. Now that their children have growing up with one about to leave the nest, and another in a few years time, Bec and Mark find themselves in a new phase of planning for the future

A future that involves transitioning from being full-time parents to becoming digital nomads. They are ready to embrace the freedom that comes with working remotely and travelling as a couple, without the constraints of a traditional 9-to-5 job or the responsibilities of raising children.

Follow along as Mark and Bec as they embark on planning their new adventure, sharing what they’re doing to prepare for long term travel. You will get insights as they navigate from home based parents into a new chapter in our lives.

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